Thursday, 8 August 2013

How To Be Fashion Forward

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Make a Statement- This is one of the easiest steps to fashion forward dressing. Incorporate statement pieces into you wardrobe, whether it be with jewelry; shoes; or clothing. If you're not too sure about using statement pieces, try adding a pop of color to your outfit for the same desired effect. 

Change your Hairstyle- Your hairstyle could be another easy way to achieve that fashion forward edge. Try something that you've never done before like a new hair color, haircut, or maybe both! Take risks. ;)

Experiment with your makeup- Everyone who knows me knows that I'm a lipstick fiend! I'm always experimenting with different colors. (Sometimes it works... sometimes it doesn't) Play around with different makeup looks. Don't be afraid to try things that no one has ever tried before.

Draw Inspiration from other cultures-  Look at the different fashion trends around the world and give it your unique twist. Designers are always drawing inspiration from other cultures. (E.g. Tribal/Geo Prints)

Watch Your Favorite Celebrities- Maybe you admire a look that you've seen on your favorite celebrity. Draw inspiration from that look and add your own personal touch to it.

Forget The Rules- Sometimes its best to make up your own rules! All that matters is that you feel 100% comfortable and confident in your ensemble. The key to being fashion forward is being unique. After all, trends have to start somewhere right?

Here's a little outfit inspiration:

Fashion Forward Article

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