Wednesday, 22 October 2014


"I never think about how other people will respond to the way I dress"

- Blake Lively 


I couldn't have said it better myself! You think that hairstyle suits you? Rock it! You like the way those prints look together? Own it! It's 2014! Fashion doesn't have rules anymore! So many people are so concerned about what others will think that they forget to focus on what makes them look and feel good! This is why I adore Blake! Though I've never considered any of her looks questionable, this quote is definitely something for us fashionistas to live by. I've been admiring her looks since the Gossip Girl days. I love the way she mixes high end pieces with more affordable brands. She has a way of making everything she wears look absolutely effortless. This is why she's our Style Crush this week! 

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