Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Guide to Finding the Perfect Red Lipstick

The color red represents love, passion, and power. Red lipstick is one of the easiest ways to breathe life into a dull and basic outfit, and every woman should own a tube. It has been a beauty staple since the days of Cleopatra, and will remain a classic long after we are gone. Wearing red lipstick can be intimidating to some people. Today I'm going talk about the shades that complement each skintone and lipsticks for you to try.

1. Fair Skintones-  Try using an orange or coral based red. This will complement the pink undertones in your skin nicely. Nyx's Black Label Lipstick in Citrine is the perfect shade for you! (Available on for $7.50!)

2. Bronze/ Olive Skintones- Consider yourself lucky! You can rock almost any shade of red, and I encourage you to go crazy! Berry based reds look the best on you. Especially Avon's Totally Kissable Lipstick in Smitten Red. (Available on for $8.00!)

3. Darker Skintones- Try going for darker reds like Ox Blood or Raisin  colors. (deep purple undertones) The perfect lipstick for your complexion would be Lime Crime's Lipstick in Glamour 101. (Available at for $16!) If you are not willing to spend $16 on a lipstick, try buying a classic red and toning it down with a dark brown liner.

4. Ruby Woo -  I consider this the mother of all red lipsticks! It complements every skintone to PERFECTION! Ruby Woo is a blue based matte lipstick by MAC , and is highly praised in the beauty world. I've never heard anyone complain about this lipstick not suiting them, EVER. It's a bit of an investment ,but definitely worth every penny. (Available at for $15.00)

What's your favorite red lipstick?
Leave a comment below. :)

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